Artist Statement

"Are you ok...tell me what hurts..."

I thought I was ready to release this album. I told myself that I was ready to move into a new chapter of my life. And even though Right Brain is actually the second installment of the Brain Chemistry project,I convinced myself to release Left Brain after Right Brain so that I could ease you in...because I thought you weren’t ready to accept the dark side of me. But truthfully, I am the one who is afraid to come face to face with this darkness again. In the process of releasing this project, I have learned that there are parts of me I still don’t accept. I see my brokenness as something that makes me unworthy of love. This is my third time writing this letter because I needed to be honest. Coming down from an anxiety attack, rainbows in my eyes and on my cheeks, chest heavy...I don’t want to be afraid anymore. This is the realest thing I’ve made, and it came from the wildest and most beautifully dangerous parts of me.  It is time to show the whole picture, and all pictures must have shadows. Without shadows, there is no light. I want to be very clear that I am in no way glorifying negativity or dark energy, but I am acknowledging its existence and showing you my process through it. The content is heavy, and has sat on my shoulders for many years like mountains, weighing me down. Right Brain is spirit, Left Brain is Ego. Right Brain is love, Left Brain is fear. Right Brain is heaven, Left Brain is if heaven had a hell…
I’ve waged a war within myself for as long as I can remember and so I declare this to be the start of  my liberation. Be blessed Martians and Earthlings, and may you find some light in the darkness.