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Artist Statement

"We own the rights to this future and I ain't gonna give it back..."

Greetings martians and earthlings,  The past few years have been the hardest and darkest time of my life.  I have experienced great loss...material things, relationships, my own identity, and the death of friends and my father. I have also ended my relationship with drugs and alcohol. This has been the most painful and pivotal time of my life so far, and I was able to finally meet myself for the first time.  I had no choice but to face myself, I’ve met my demons which aren’t actually demons at all, but just a child that needs to be seen, that needs to be heard, and needs to be embraced and guided.  I’ve met my grief, and the more time I spend with her, the more I see that she is just love that needs somewhere to go. I’ve been shedding and evolving and starting to heal those parts of myself and ease into my being and power. It hurts, but I am thankful because pain has been my greatest teacher. I sat with my pain and let suffering consume me until I reached a point that I couldn’t tolerate being miserable anymore. Working on this album was proof to myself that I could transmute pain into something divine and beautiful. I get nervous and fearful when I release art into the world because it opens me up to scrutiny, judgement, and criticism  and sometimes those things destroy me. Before you listen to this project I ask for you not to look at it as a “product”. Not only is this a part of my psyche and mind...it is the heart and soul of me. It is an introspective, metaphorical journey of transformation and ascension through sound and storytelling. This is the first half of Brain Chemistry, I proudly present Right Brain.